2017 Anhui Daheng Energy Technology International Markets Creating Another New Chapters

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In the current world, the climate and environment gets worse and worse, it is no doubt that new energy will be the main resource in the solar field, and photovoltaic power will be one of the most important industry among them. Adhering the principle of "Yi dai , Yilu", Daheng Energy continues to enjoy the best of both worlds after the solar energy technology exhibition in Indonesia and the Thailand Energy Exhibition. The international global market is full of firepower and brings green energy and services to each family.


2017 South America InterSolar Exhibition

The South America International Solar Exhibition was held in the north exhibition center of Sao Paulo in 2017. It is one of the most professional and attractive solar exhibitions which covers Brazil, even South America.

The report which was published by Frost &Sullivan pointed out, Brazil solar market gain high push power since the accomplished of the first world couple of 2014. It is estimated until the end of 2017, Brazil Solar Markets can get the profits up to 0.431 billion, annual increase grade up to 71%.

The government of Brazil has provided much more supports for this result.



Lots of exhibitors which come from different countries participate this exhibition together, the partners of Daheng Energy international export department negotiate the current developing status, marketing tendency, technology innovation and new business opportunities with potential clients according to the leading profession knowledge and international perspectives of ourselves.

2017 Mexico International Green Energy Exhibition(GREEN EXPO)

 With the tremendous supports of Mexico Environment Protection Ministry and CONIECO (The National  Association of Industrial Ecologists), the 2017 Mexico Green Expo has been held successfully  for 24 years.

This exhibition is themed by environment, clean green energy, water process and green city.

It is the most famous and the only one international exhibition which covers Environment of Mexico, Energy, Water and Green City.




In the exhibition fair, the visitors which come from the global listening and consulting carefully the details about  products advantages and developed new products of Daheng Energy Group and also the detailed contents of continuously cooperation. In addition, these potential customers has already signed initial cooperation agreement confidently with us.  The potential demand of Mexico market cannot be estimated.


2017 India Renewable Energy Expo

India renewable energy expo (REI),has became the Indian local and even the biggest-scale professional renewable energy exhibition among the East-Asia countries. This exhibition got the huge supports of Indian government, and it is also the excellent platform to display new products and new technology.



With the constant increasing of population of India, the demand of energy also goes rising. India will become the third big energy consumption country in 2030. The government of India is intend to improving the supply of 85 billion from renewable energy, among which the solar parts will reach 20 billion watts.


 India market is the new increasing polar  of the global  solar field in the near future, it has a tremendous market potential. Daheng Energy will regard this exhibition as the opportunity

India is the new growth pole of global PV industry in the future and has broad market potential. Daheng Energy will regard  this exhibition as an opportunity to further investigate the PV market in India and guiding the future research and improvement of the company's plan of layout of the PV market in India so as to provide the PV market in India with timely solutions for PV products that meet the needs of the local industry .To create more value for customers, and is committed to contribute to the local new energy cause.

According to the schedule of the exhibition, the partners of the international sales department actively make plans before and after each exhibition, conduct field visits and exchanges with the intention customers, work hard and gain a minute, and each visit and exchange not only rejuvenates happiness and friendship, More important is to obtain customers recognition of our Daheng energy products and trust.


Products Picture Of Daheng Energy which installed in Japan, Ukraine,Macedonia & Thailand


 Daheng Energy has bloomed in the international sales market, mainly in Southeast Asia, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan; Ukraine in Europe, Russia; Asia, Japan, Hong Kong; Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe; Central and South America Of Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala and other  countries which more than 30.


2016 Daheng Energy Solar Modules International export department Rate2017 January to September Daheng Energy Solar Modules International Export Department Rate



     Autumn in October, Daheng Energy will sail off,  to Malaysia again, to participate in the 2017 Malaysia green technology exhibition, you are welcome to come to negotiation !